Welcome to Indian Navy Veteran Artificers (Apprentice Passout). INVA TRUST: By the Partners - For the Partners. On May 13, 2020, the Indian Navy Veteran Artificers Trust, Registration Number 1082003827 was created to assist PARTNERS who are economically and socially disadvantaged. Partners are requested to generously donate.  

SEND YOUR DONATION TO:- Account Name: Indian Navy Veteran Artificer Trust, Curr AC #: 50100696570378, Bank: HDFC Bank, IFSC/NEFT: HDFC0004013, Bank Address: HDFC Bank, Plot No E/3, Info City, Chandaka Industrial Estate, Bhubaneswar, Odisha-751024...... Register your donation    https://inexartificers.com/itrust/inva_donate_log >>> 

For more information do contact ( inexartificer01@gmail.com  About Website and Registration) ... (invatrust2020@gmail.com About INVA TRUST)  Jai Hind.

INVACon 2024

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  • We are extremely happy to announce that INVA Trust has planned its 2nd Conference (INVACon 2024), at Dehradun from 16/5/2024 Thursday to 19/5/2024 Sunday, to have its AGM, Elections, review, future planning and fund raising activities.
  • The Indian Navy is a multi-dimensional and networked force to protect India’s maritime interest and to safeguard the seaward frontier. It is the naval branch of the Indian Armed Forces, which can operate on Land, Air, Water and underwater. It is the Blue Water Navy with Nuclear deterrent capability and at its core are the superior technologists and engineers in four major branches of Marine, Electrical, Shipbuilding and Aeronautical Engineering. At the heart of this highly technical environment are Indian Navy Artificers. “Artificer” means a clever or inventive designer as in English dictionaries. They are trained for 4 years in Engineering schools at, INS Shivaji, INS Valsura, INS Vishwakarma and INS Garuda From the first day of training the Artificers are emotionally bonded by calling each other as ‘Partner’. The Artificers of the four engineering departments are emotionally linked, closely networked, and technologically connected. They remain ‘Partners For Ever’ while in service or as veterans. Most of the artificers attain high level of success during service whether they are in the Aviation, or onboard Ships, or Submarines, or in Training Establishments. On completion of their Naval Service most of them receive pension and lead a better life. But… There are exceptions. Man proposes and God disposes. The Lady Luck is unpredictable and sometimes strikes hard to some of the Partners due to inadequate income after retirement, poor health, loss of spouse, family relationship, social isolation, physically and financially dependency. A demised Partner’s family do undergo more distressed situation. To Reach out to such partners in distress (PID), to assist them and their family, who are economically and socially disadvantaged Indian Navy Veteran Artificer Trust is created by the Partners for the Partners. Let’s all donate at least One-Month-Pension (OMP) for the (PID) Partner-in-Distress and his family. Let all partners live with dignity. Jai Hind.

Today's Birthday : R L Jeryal - 17 / EAP   Dhanesh Chand Guleria Cdr.(Rtd) - 39 / EAA   Vinayak K Darve - 44 / SWA   Aswani Kumar Gupta - 105 / AA  

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