SUPER ACHIEVERS: All of us had been achievers in our life. Indian Navy Artificer are tuned and tested to be innovators, initiators and team players. Whereas some had been hungry for super achievement, having tough mental strength. They neither run from nor dwell on their fears and  their common characteristics are:

  • Dedication to a Vision - These people’s devotion to the day-to-day struggle, that dedication made them successful.
  • Intelligent Persistence - Super-achievers pivot and try to tackle the problem from a different angle.
  • Fostering a Community - They galvanize a group of people around their idea or goal or vision. They worship Teamwork and are the best Team Players.
  • Listening and remaining Open - They listen and learn from the world around them.
  • Constantly Evolving - They continue consistently learning and adapting to the environment around them.

We have here super achievers and their inspiring stories for young and old to learn from, and to use as life’s example. (Website do not take responsibility for originality, copywrite violation and plagiarism, writer of the document is responsible)

Name Class Branch Differentiator Action
KRA Narasiah 14 ERA Writer, Author, Historian Read Now
K Y Chandgude 29 EAA Business Owner after 60 Read Now
Kuldip Singh Grewal 29 EAR Business launcher- ELCOME Read Now
G.S Kanwal Cmde(Rtd)IN 31 EAP A Life Fulfilled Read Now
LtCdr Dhir Singh Yadav (Retd) 44 ERA One Who Never Stops Dreaming Big Read Now
N J Makker 26 SWA Holding Bull By Horn Read Now
Customer Orientation – Path to Success Read Now
Satish Sood 38 EAR A System Designer, An Innovator Read Now
Cdr. Shadi Lal Bhatla (Retd) An Indian naval Officer Remembers Read Now
Surender Kumar 75 EAP Dr. Surender Kumar Phd (CEng FIMarEST, FNI, FDPO) Read Now
M.S. Ahluwalia 26 SWA Inventor of World's First Tripple Individual Furnace Boiler Read Now

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