I am about leave service after few months, can I register for membership?

NO. Membership is only for Retired Indian Navy Artificers as Apprentice entry.

I am not staying in India anymore but I want to be a register member. Can I avail it?


I am not able to login, what to do?

Go to login page and request for reset password, password will be sent to registered e-mail address.

I do not remember my login Id, how can I get it?

At present, please contact Site Admin by e-mail. Please provide your telephone number. You will be contacted for verification and then Site Admin will assist you.

I want to add a fellow partner to the site, Can I do it?

NO. You can not. But you may send invitation to the partner , an invitation to register e-mail will be sent from site to your friend. Please ask him to do the needful.

I do not have an e-mail. How can I be a member?

It will not be easy without a valid e-mail. Bur for very senior partners of older classes, the Admin and Address book team will assist as one to one basis interacting with you.

I do not have e-mail, how can I get the information sent to others.

You can not get by mail. We do not send SMS and WhatsApp services are not enabled yet. Therefore, please check the 'News Update' part. Please ask another partner to help you, for which his e-mail id may be updated in your profile to which mails will go, but your friend will read them, not you.

I do not have e-mail id how my EXAM Registration will be done.

It will be difficult. For that please contact EXAM Admin.

I want to publish my work. How can I do that?

Please contact the Editorial Team and you have to send them your material in Word document by e-mail. They will read it, if required may sanitize as per our site norm and will revert back to you for your concurrence. Then the document will be converted to PDF and will be uploaded with your credential. Web site will not take responsibility for any litigation issues arise due to your posting, you will be responsible and will be liable to compensate any damage that will occur for our site.

Can I send my CV or Resume?

YES. First you will register and then you will be able to upload your Resume. Please provide Key words in the appropriate field to help locate your CV by another partner. Your CV is now accessible by all registered partners.

Can I access CV of other partners?


How do I report a demise of a partner?

Please write a mail to Address Book Admin with full name, Class, Branch, Date of Demise, the House phone number.

Can I download articles and material in the site?

YES. You are responsible for the document, for use of the same whole or partially you have to take permission from the contributor. Web Site will not be responsible of conflict arising due to copywrite violation issue or any other issue. You will be asked to bear all the costs for any damage that happens to our site because of your download.

Is there a discussion forum.

No. We do not have at present.

How can I give my feed back or comment or contact the back end.

Please go to feed-back part and feel free to use it. We look forward to your interaction.

Is there a fee for Membership?

NO. Service is free on a voluntary basis. But web site takes no responsibility for any kind of loss or mishap that may take place by our content.

Some of the Links are not working, what to do?

As per our disclaimer, the working of external links and the content at that link is there for your use. If they are not working please inform in feedback and Back End team will do the needful.

I want to advertise my Business and promote my goods, how can I do it? How much will it cost?

Thank you for your interest. Please contact the Business Admin team, they will work with you. We look forward to you business.

What can our Business get by putting a promotion in your site?

Our site is continuously in use throughout the year and the users are decision makers or advice the decision makers. Therefore, your promotion if hits their eyeball, you will have an advantage. There are close to 1500 members now and it is growing, we expect it to reach more than 2500 by the end of this year.

I want to donate some money for the good cause, how can I do that?

THANK YOU for the generosity. Please visit our website and make your donations and register.

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