Odisha Artificer Partners (OAP)

It is the society of Indian Navy Artificer (Apprentice entry) of Odisha origin or Odisha domicile. The Mission and Purposes is to provide a mutually supportive environment and assist in the personal growth of the members.

This society is an association formed solely for the purpose of privately supporting its individual members. The use of the funds of this club shall be limited to educational purposes, conferences, conventions in line with Mission and Purpose as stated in Article II. They may not be used for social or political purposes, or for the benefit of any individual

Chairman     – (52) J.P.Pattanaik

Coordinator – (64) N.G.Dhal

Treasurer     – (88) Sruti Ranjan

Secretary      – (92) Dilip Padhi

e-mail: oapcare@gmail.com

Retired and Serving Artificers of Indian Navy from Himachal Pradesh. 12 Partners from Himachal Pradesh joined hands in the evening on 14th April 2012 at Hotel Dolphin and thus created a history in the Chapter of Him Artificers.  Word of mouth was spread, personal reach out was done to get more Partners. To know more visit  <<HIM Artificers’ Main Gallery>>

Organizing team: Partners; Ajay Sharma A/75, Mulk Raj Sharma A/79, Vijay Kumar Chaudhary A/79 and Karan Guleria A/88


Him Artificers' Association (Regd.) Office bearers:

President : UD Sharma 74/ EAP

Vice President: Kartar Chand Rana 61/ ERA

General Secy : Ajay Sharma 75/ EAP

Treasure: Tanuj Sharma 101/ ERA

Jt. Secy. : Mahesh Sharma 83/ EAR

Group email: himartificers@gmail.com

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