Welcome to Indian Navy Veteran Artificers (Apprentice Passout), the meeting place of ‘Partners’. This site facilitates to interact informally, to share views, to connect with class mates, seniors and juniors, to gather important information about service and to know about all happenings.

We are retired sea warriors of Indian Navy served with pride. We do not discuss Politics, Religion and Sex in this forum with full respect for the Nation India, Constitution of India, ‘Triranga’ - National Flag of India, Anthem of India. Ministry of Defence, Defence Forces of India and Government of India is supreme.

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Jai Hind.

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Start Date - 02-04-2020

End Date - 12-04-2020

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Registration Start - 02-04-2020

Registration End - 10-04-2020


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Let us make INDIAN NAVY ARTIFICERS VISIBLE. Donate and we handover collectively - A lumpsum money from Counted numbers of IN Artificers from their Pension....