The Story of EXAM

(It is an extract written by Partner Thomas Chaze published in Souvenir of EXAM-2013)

In 2003 Partner V.M.Kulkarni -Class 23 hosted a family dinner which was attended by G.S.Sankaran, P.A.Perumal, V.Venugopal, M.G.Gopalkrishnan, N. Subramaniyam, V.R.Moghe and Thomas Chaze. On seeing so many ex-Artificers together for the first time in almost 40 years, Thomas Chaze suggested “Let us have a meet of Ex-Artificersand their families”. Partner Chaze then proposed to hold it at GOA and his classmate Partner Moghe with Partner Rocky Albuquerque teamed up. ‘Sneha Sammelan’ was the first gathering of Ex-Artificers of Indian Navy held at Star Beach Resort, Colva from 19 Sept to 21 Sept 2003.

Sneha Sammelan of 2003:  About 50 partners and their family became the trendsetters which later became EX ARTIFICERS MEET (EXAM), a 3days get together event each year in the last quarter. Partners look forward to this meet where they go with full josh and excitement to meet and hug their class mates, seniors, juniors and return back with moist eyes after departing having a desire to wait for next EXAM


EXAM 2004: About 100 partners with family participated. One day was spent in INS Shivaji. They visited Museum, had lunch on the lake-side. All evenings were awash with the end-of-monsoon showers, but the spirit of Partners was high. It became a great success being only limited to partners from few states, which eventually became a pan-India program.


EXAM 2005: About 150 Partners with family attended this function. General body meeting was held to discuss various aspect of get together. Partner Dixit-Class 32 became the editor of our souvenirs for years to come.   


EXAM 2006: About 250 Partners with their family attended this. There were sightseeing of the Churches, Sunset Cruise, evening entertainments were the real heart stealers.


EXAM 2007: About 250 partners and family attended this at Puri, the pilgrimage place since ancient time. The entertainment program, the food festival type service from the resort and the boat ride in Chilika lake very exciting.


EXAM 2008: About 250 Partners and their family attended this program at Agra accommodated in 3 hotels in very close proximity. Visit to Taj Mahal, Fatehpur Sikri, Agra Fort, and many other sightseeing places were very informative. The evening entertainment was at its best.


EXAM2009: About 250 partners and their family attended it. Two days of sight seeing with a visit to Kanchipuram, St. Thomas Mount, Mahabalipuram, Marina beach, Crocodile park. The evening was enchanting with Fusion Dance, Dance, Tambola and Cocktail hours.


EXAM 2010: About 520 + partners i.e 250 families and children attended this function. The visits included Golden Temple Harmandir Sahib, Jallianawala Bag, Wagha Border was overwhelming and soul touching. The evening programs were very enjoyable with Punjabi Dhamaka.


EXAM 2011: It was attended by 300 partners and family members. Theme of opening ceremony was the Carnival of Goa.


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