• Only a veteran Artificer of apprentice entry of Indian Navy after leaving the service can be a member of this group.
  • The Veteran Artificers of other countries, who were trained as Artificer Apprentice by Indian Navy are elligible. 
  • Our core value: (RISE) Respect all members. Have Integrity in all the group activities. Maintain Service attitude for fellow members. Strive for Excellence. (R.I.S.E) is our core value.
  • It is forbidden to post, comment or make remarks on Politics, Religion and Sex.
  • Nation India, Constitution of India, National Flag of India, Government of India is to be respected across all formats, in all our interactions.
  • Full respect for Indian Defence Forces and Para Military forces is to be observed.
  • Online Membership application form is to be filled up which will be approved by the Member Administrator team.
  • Applicant should provide references from existing members for verification and validation. The persons in reference will be sent a mail to verify the identity of the partner seeking membership.
  • An existing member may invite other partners on-line from our website, an invitation mail will be sent to the mail-id with the name of the partner who invited.
  • Members may send articles, essays, technical papers etc. to publish in our site. The Document should be in PDF format. The Chief Editor, Administrator, Web Master reserve the right to publish, remove, delete if found not complying with policy.
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